At least four public uprising forces and 11 Taliban were killed in clashes in northeastern Kapisa province on Sunday night, said Mohammad Hussain Sanjini, head of of provincial council.

The clashes took place in Tagab district after the Taliban attacked a security checkpoint of public uprising forces, he said, adding that “11 public uprising forces and 18 other Taliban were wounded.

“The Taliban have taken 12 checkpoints after the attack and the clashes are still ongoing at the area,” he said. “The Taliban have also advanced to the center of the district.”

However, the local security officials and the Taliban have not yet commented on the clashes.

New figures by security institutions reveal that 171 personnel of the Afghan National Security Forces lost their lives in clashes with the Taliban in a week, despite an unannounced ceasefire between the two sides that is part of the peace efforts by the Afghan government and its international partners.

250 others were wounded in the clashes, according to the numbers. The data also shows that 222 attacks were carried out by the Taliban during the last week in 29 provinces.

Afghan officials say that this could jeopardize the peace process, which has reached an important phase.

“The Taliban’s movements and attacks have killed and wounded 422 security force members,” said Tariq Arian, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

In April, the National Security Council (NSC) provided details on Taliban attacks after the peace deal they signed with the US on February 29 in Doha.

4 Public Uprising Forces, 11 Taliban Killed in Kapisa: Official



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