Bowling is gaining interest among both men and women in Afghanistan; however, it is still a fairly new sport in the country and is not known to many.

The federation of this sport was established for the first time in 2018 under the National Olympic Committee in the country.

Every day, a large number of girls go to Kabul bowling clubs.

Shamayel Alkozai has been bowling for the past four years and she is a member of the national team.

“Bowling is a very interesting sport; I have been playing this sport for almost four years.

After the Bowling Federation was formed, I was able to become a member of the national team after competing in several competitions,” said Alkozai.

She says that in the beginning she only played bowling for fun, but after learning the sport professionally, she is now a member of the women’s national bowling team, and her dream is to compete in world competitions.

“Last year, when the girls of the national team participated in foreign competitions, we became more motivated, and now we are working harder to participate in foreign competitions in the future,” said Alkozai.

The Bowling Federation was established for the first time in 2018 under the National Olympic Committee in the country, and, in the same year–for the first time in the World Championships–two national teams represented Afghanistan.

The two were ranked 33rd in the competition, which was attended by 52 countries. The national bowling team then competed in the Kuwait Asian Games with two female and three male athletes and their good performance was noted.

Since the establishment of the Bowling Federation, several tournaments have been held across the country.

Bowling Federation officials say young people are increasingly interested in the sport, and they have plans to promote the sport in the country.

“In the early days of the Bowling Federation, the interest of the youth was very low. We held many tournaments to increase the interest of the youth. Fortunately, today the interest of the youth has increased–not only men but also women are interested in the sport,” said Idres Farooqi, head of the federation.

Currently, more than 100 athletes bowl professionally in three areas of the country, and competitions are held each year to select players for the national team.



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