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Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed on a cease-fire, starting on Saturday both parties made a deal to exchange prisoners and bodies of those killed in the conflict.

Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, Russian Foreign minister mediated the negotiations, following 10 hours of talk, both Azerbaijan and Armenia have reached a ceasefire deal on Saturday.

The red cross committee is called upon to act as intermediatory in the humanitarian operations, and (OSCE) organization for security and cooperation in Europe’s Minsk group would also mediate, Top Russian diplomat told the press.

The concerns were reportedly raised that the war could reach turkey because of their support to the Azeris and could damage Azeri oil and gas pipelines to Europe.

The conflict started over Nagorno-Karabakh a disputed location between Azerbaijan and Armenian border, early in the 90s both countries had also clashed over the location that left 30,000 people dead.

The recent fighting over the breakaway enclave erupted on Sept. 27, which claimed the lives of 31 Azeri and 22 Nagorno-Karabakh civilians.

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