First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh said, that several young and minor children who were being taken to Taliban madrassas in Pakistan for insurgency training, were detained by the Kabul police and safely returned to their homes.

Saleh said, “most of the Taliban commanders who killed innocent people and had no mercy over public facilities, were the same ones who were taken to Karachi and other cities in Pakistan for two to three years of terrorism training”.

The report suggests that many Afghan children have previously been encouraged by the Taliban to attend madrassas, and even trained to commit suicide explosions across the country.

During the meeting, he also demanded terrorist executions, saying the captured terrorists should be hanged to their death.

Saleh Said, “The main reason in the escalation of terrorist activities in big cities is that the Taliban prisoners think that they will be pardoned anyway and will not be punished for their actions.”

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