The First Vice President Amrullah Saleh called the Taliban group ‘Terrorist’ amid growing violence across the country which left hundreds of security personnel and civilians dead or wounded over a period of one week only.

“Summer 2020 is like every other summer & every other June as terrorist Taliban come out of their madrasas to kill, massacre & play with blood in quest for heaven. Stenchy ideology. The so called “exposure” hasn’t changed them instead has given them “opiate” like euphoria,” Saleh said in a Twitter post.

This comes as the authorities reported an unprecedented rise in Taliban-led insurgency which left hundreds of security personnel and civilians dead or wounded last week.

The Office of the National Security Council confirmed Monday that last week one of the deadliest weeks for the Afghan forces in the past 19 years during which at4 last 291 security personnel lost their lives.

Javid Faisal, a spokesperson for the Office of National Security Council, said the Taliban militants carried out 422 attacks in 32 provinces last week.

“The past week was the deadliest of the past 19 years. Taliban carried out 422 attacks in 32 provinces, martyring 291 ANDSF members and wounding 550 others.”

He also added “Taliban’s commitment to reduce violence is meaningless, and their actions inconsistent with their rhetoric on peace.”

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