Najibullah Ahmadzai [Photo: Getty Images]

KABUL, Afghanistan – Supporters of the late Afghan President Najibullah Ahmadzai (known as Dr. Najib) gathered in front of Kabul Polytechnic University on Saturday to commemorate his 24th death anniversary, leading to an unexpected violence with local police.

Kabul police had prevented the ceremony from taking place at the Loya Jirga, according to supporters.

While supported says their gathering is “civil” and “peaceful”, video footage that flooded on social media shows grappling between the local police and civilians, with some carrying sticks and available tools.

The Afghan government did not immediately comment on the incident.

Civilians and local police are seen in violence on the video footage after suporters were denied entrance Loya Jirga, [Photos: social media]

On Wednesday, a number of Jihadi parties issued a statement, calling on prevention of the commemoration of Najibullah’s 24th anniversary to be held at the Loya Jirga in Kabul.

The statement is followed by signatures of a number of representatives of jihadi parties, including leader of the Hezb-e-Islami Party Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

Najibullah was president of Afghanistan from 1987 until his ousting by the mujahedeen in 1992. He then lived in the United Nations headquarters in Kabul until 1996, when the Taliban took control of Kabul.

In 1996, the Taliban hanged Najibullah and his brother in public, after the group had seized Kabul.

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