The figures announced by Reuters on Tuesday (June 30) illustrated that at least 2,605,734 people have been infected with the coronavirus across the United States, while the data pushed the country’s total deaths to 126,126.

In Brazil, which has now the second highest number of coronavirus cases, the total of confirmed infections have risen to more than 1.3, with 58,314 related fatalities – the highest toll behind the United States.

Russia, the third country with the highest number of infections has so far wp-signup.phped 641,156 coronavirus cases. The total deaths, however, was lower than the two countries with the highest number of infections, as a tally by Reuters indicated that Russia’s death toll hit 9,166 on Tuesday.

Russia is then followed by India with a total of 548,318 cases and 16,475 deaths, a fourth country with largest number of coronavirus cases.

The total cases in UK has jumped to 311,965 cases by far. The death toll was brought to 43,575 on Tuesday, marking the United Kingdom as the third country with highest number of coronavirus related deaths.

The United Kingdom is then it is followed respectively by Peru, Chile, Spain, Italy, Iran and Mexico with total cases higher than a two hundred thousand.

Pakistan with 206,512 cases also joins the countries with cases higher than 200K, while the death toll hit 4,167 since the outbreak.

As coronavirus global cases surge, the World Health Organization announced on Monday it was sending a team to China next week to investigate the origins of the novel coronavirus, according to the UN health agency’s head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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