The figures by Reuters coronavirus map indicated that at least 6,785,455 people have been infected with the coronavirus across the United States, while the data brought the country’s total deaths to 199,296.

In India, which has the second highest number of coronavirus cases after U.S., the total of confirmed infections has risen to 5,487,580 with 87,882 related fatalities.

Brazil, the third country with the highest number of infections has so far registered 4,528,240 coronavirus cases. The total deaths in the south-American country hit 136,532.

Brazil is then followed by Russia with a total of 1,103,399 cases and 19,418 deaths, a fourth country with largest number of coronavirus cases.

Latin America is the region with the most infections in the world, although some countries in the region are beginning to show a slight decline in infections.

The total cases in Peru has jumped to 762,865 cases since the outbreak. The death toll was brought to 31,369 on Monday, marking the country as the third country in Latin America with highest number of coronavirus related deaths—behind Brazil and Mexico.

Peru is then followed respectively by Columbia and Mexico, with most cases in the Latin America.

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