Abdullah Abullah, Head of High Council for National Reconciliation, held a virtual meeting with the Afghanistan negotiation team in Doha.

Abdullah thanked the negotiating delegation for their commitment and service on behalf of the nation, reiterating the government’s full commitment to a just, durable and dignified peace.

Meanwhile, Khairullah Khairkhwa, announced on Saturday, the heated disagreement in the negotiations are that Afghan republic is refusing to deal with current talks in the bodywork of the U.S-Taliban agreement.

“Real controversy is that the Afghan side is reluctant to accept that intra-Afghan talks are underway as part of a Taliban deal with the United States,” Khairkhwa said in a released video.

He indicated the second reason for the contention the Hanafi Fiqh as sole jurisprudence in the country, which disregards minority sects.

Talks in Doha have begun two weeks ago which currently have reached a deadlock in some points.

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