United Nations report, published by the Convention of Biological Diversity, provides an overview of nature worldwide, addressing climate change, food security, and essential actions to be taken to prevent future pandemics.

Humans have to act to provide space for nature to recover, and should work on preventing its decline.

“As nature degrades, new opportunities emerge for the spread to humans and animals of devastating diseases like this year’s Covid-19,” said Elizabeth Mrema, Executive Director of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The statement points to dangers involving Human relationships with nature, that biodiversity loss, ecosystem destruction will have a strong influence over human wellbeing and survival.

Biodiversity was established in 2010 with 20 objectives most of which had to be reached until 2020. But unfortunately, none of the targets were fully met.

Only six of these objectives were partially achieved until the UN called for urgent change to save the living species.

“More and more we are affecting wildlife populations, deforesting and causing animals to move and enter our environment,” Prof Matthew Baylis, a veterinary epidemiologist from the University of Liverpool told BBC.

As humans reengineer the natural world, they put themselves into the risk of contracting new diseases.

Climate change, deforestation, production waste, unplanned quick developments, and similar issues caused interruptions in the natural world, which is said to cause chaos into mankind’s premises and can lead to a massive extinction.

Report Indicates, billions of dollars needed to tackle activities that are harmful to biodiversity because humans have caused the nature to suffer badly.

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