The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced that 13 people from different parts of Kabul have been arrested in connection with criminal acts in the last 48 hours.

Perpetrators were caught in a complex operation in different zones of Kabul city, including PD1, PD3, PD4, PD7, PD21, while others were captured in Sorubi district.

These 13 criminals were arrested in connection to crimes such as murder, robbery, weapon smuggling, armed robbery, drinking, and disturbing security and public order.

The ministry also added two handguns were found in the possession of the detainees.

This comes as Kabul city is evident in criminal activities, where people witness increased insecurity, target killings, and armed robberies for months.

A few days back, armed robbers killed a young doctor and a driver in PD14 and 18 of Kabul city.

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