Residents of Khost’s Dowa Manda district took to streets, slamming recent mortar attack in the province that left heavy casualties to civilians.

Nasratullah and Khairullah, two of the protesters issued their condemnation to the recent attacks in the eastern Khost as well as to yesterday’s deadly assaults in Helmand province, calling on warring parties to be careful of the lives of civilians.

Rafiq Weqar and Abdul Razaq, another two protesters denounced the human rights activists’ silence in the wake of civilian casualties.

They called on the international community to take step against the killing of Afghans.

Speaking to TKG, Fazel Haq Batoor, another protestor, said a continued violence against civilians would likely jeopardize the Afghan peace process.

Khost residents gathered to protest a day after two blasts in a cattle market in Helmand province left 23 killed and another 15 wounded.

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