Local Sources report, in an attack by the Taliban over the ANA security checkpoints, in Khanabad district of Kunduz, three ANA soldiers were killed.

Esmatullah Moradi, Kunduz Governor’s spokesman told Khaama press, that “last night militants affiliated with Taliban launched an attack over the public highway, near Aks Dawood village”.

According to Moradi, the clashes claimed three ANA soldiers, but the Taliban also suffered fatalities during the clash.

There are no exact reports of the losses from Taliban side.

Meanwhile, 217th Pamir Army Corps stated, in the offensive attacks carried through National defense forces 24 Taliban terrorists, including a Pakistani insurgent, were killed in parts of Aliabad and Dasht-e-Archi districts.

18 other insurgents are reportedly wounded in these clashes.

On the other hand, Asif Tokhi, the security officer of Paktika police HQ was killed in a roadside IED.

Officials have told the press, recently the province witnessed heavy clashes between the government and the Taliban insurgents.

Violence in the region remains high amid peace negotiations between the government and the Taliban in Qatar.

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