India’s National Investigation Agency will send a team to Kabul to investigate the Gurdwara attacks in March, which left 27 dead including an Indian citizen.

It’s the first mission of this agency to probe a terror act against an Indian outside the country’s soil.

India Today reported on Sunday, A team of 3 to 4 investigative members will leave for Kabul to investigate their first mission, following an amendment to the NIA which allows this agency to investigate terrorism against Indians and Indian interests abroad.

Due to security concerns, officials have not provided further detail, but reports show the team is hopeful to gain access to several prisoners involved in the attack.

The attack on Gurdwara was claimed by ISIK. The suicide attackers also involve an Indian doctor affiliated with ISIK -‘Ijas Kallukettiya Purayil’, whose son and wife are currently in prison in Kabul.

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