Ghorian district police chief, Naqibullah Sultanzai including four other security force members were killed in a skirmish between the Taliban and Afghan government in Herat Province.

Local officials told the media, that heavy clashes broke out last night in the provincial district.

According to officials, Naqibullah and three of his soldiers were killed in the battle and six others were wounded.

Reports indicate upon the arrival of Afghan Air Forces Taliban escaped from the warzone.

The battle has reportedly lasted for many hours in which the district police was killed in action.

Taliban has not yet commented on the incident.

This comes as Afghan national defense and security forces repulsed Taliban attacks in various parts of Kandahar over the past few weeks.

Taliban planned to overrun the regions but faced a devastating push back, at least 698 of the group’s fighters were killed in air and ground operation, security officials told media.

There are still concerns about the security situation and the residents of the province demanded large-scale operations in some parts of the province.

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