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President Ashraf Ghani made a statement at a virtual meeting, during 75th United Nations’ Anniversary on Monday night.

5 turmoils are in the nation that drives Afghanistan through a chaotic situation, these include coronavirus pandemic, unconventional warfare, global terrorism, climate change, and an unprecedented explosion of inequality.

Ghani Said,”I would like to take this opportunity to call on every member of the General Assembly and the P5 to help us achieve the end state of a sovereign, united and democratic Afghanistan at peace with itself in the region.”

“A democratically stable and prosperous Afghanistan will be an example of how our collective will can overcome the turmoil and uncertainty that defines our world today,” President Ashraf Ghani said to the United Nations.

“Though we are facing multiple drivers of turmoil, there’s a clear and urgent priority for us, and that is a ceasefire,” he added.

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