The American Congress on Friday, humiliated Trump on his final days after the Senate overwhelmingly voted to override his veto of a defense spending bill.

American Senate on Friday secured, two –thirds majority needed to override trump’s veto of a bill on defense spending, for the first time the senate took such a decision in four years of the president in office.

Reuters reported, that the Majority of republicans in the senate followed by the Democratic-controlled house of representatives on Monday, passed the measure with a vote of 81-13.

“The Senate voted 81-13 to override Trump’s veto two days before a new U.S. Congress is sworn into office on Sunday. Trump, who leaves office on Jan. 20, has had eight previous vetoes upheld” Reuters reported.

Senate voted during a rare New year’s Day session against trump, who has 20 days left before leaving the offices.

According to US LAW, a presidential veto can be overridden, if the bill is supported by two-thirds of the majority in both chambers of congress.

Reuters reported, that since trump lost the re-election and most of the Republican lawmakers failed to back his unsubstantiated claims of voting fraud, did not support his call for COVID-19 relief payments, Trump has been at odds with his fellow republicans.

Trump also tweeted,

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