U.S. Special Envoy Khalilzad says spoilers are desperate to disrupt peace process in Afghanistan: [Photo: Archive]

KABUL, Afghanistan – The United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said “spoilers” are desperately trying to “disrupt” the ongoing peace process that determines the future of Afghanistan, as terrorists targeted First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in Kabul Wednesday.

As peace talks near, spoilers are becoming more desperate in their attempt to disrupt this historic opportunity (peace process),” Khalilzad said in a tweet thread.  “Today’s attack on @AmrullahSaleh‘s convoy is the latest example.”

He believes anti-government groups are crossing lines just to cause hindrance to any progress the country is reaching to, saying past experiences have thought Afghans not to fall for such a “trap”.

“History has shown that when the opportunity for peace is close, spoilers will go to no end to try and stop it,” he said.  “Afghans are not falling for their trap.”

“Afghans know a successful peace process is the only antidote to the country’s protracted conflict,” he added.” Their widespread yearning for peace will be for the two negotiating teams and their leaders’ to satisfy.”

Khalilzad’s remark came hours after a roadside bomb targeted First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Wednesday, disrupting relative peaceful morning for residents and the convoy.

While Saleh escaped the attack with miner injures, at least 10 civilians were confirmed dead and further 15 wounded.

The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack, holding to its pledge of not launching attacks in urban areas.

In a video footage Afghan News reached to, Saleh – with bandages on his left hand, said his convoy was attacked when he was traveling to office.

“I am fine but some of my guards have been wounded. My son, who was in the car with me, and I are both fine,” he said. “I have some burns on my face and hand.”

  • Mohammad Arif Sheva

    Muhammad Arif Sheva holds a B.A degree in Journalism from Int’l Peace Leadership College Rizal, Philippines. Sheva works as an editor and content writer for Afghan News.

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