Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, said on Saturday that six people had been identified in connection with the assassination of FEFA CEO Yousuf Rashid, two of the suspects were detained.

Saleh said, “One of the assassins, disguised under the pretext of studying, to join a study program with Yousuf’s son, where he initiated plans for the assassination”.

The perpetrators confessed that they belong to a small Taliban group, that operates in Logar province under the pseudonym of Muslimyar.

Saleh emphasized that “He hopes Yousuf’s killer will be executed following the completion of the case”.

“The Taliban’s conscience, if they have one, must tremble and rot from the bloodshed of activists,” Saleh added, “This kind of conscience cannot be revived.”

This comes as Yusuf Rashid, head of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan was assassinated by unknown gunmen in the PD7 area of central Kabul.

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