Mohammad Nazir Ghorzang, the former security chief of the third security district of Ghazni province, was murdered by unknown individuals in the Iscort Bazaar area on (Tuesday) Afternoon.

Ghorzang, who also served as the security officer for the PD3 police HQ of Ghazni city, was recently fired for unknown reasons.

In a video sent to the media a month ago, he claimed that although the Interior Ministry had issued his appointment, Ghazni provincial police chief Khalil Andarabi had prevented him from attending his duties.

He said in this clip:

“I am a soldier of the order, I have served for ten years to protect my homeland and I will do more, I have lost 3 brothers serving with the government. If I have committed a crime, please report me to the prosecutor’s office, and if I have served, then Let me go back to work. The Taliban tried to kill me many times, but no one heard me, I do not even have a weapon to protect myself”.

Despite his call for support, unknown gunmen shot him dead.

Afghan News tried to get the opinions of the officials in the Ministry of Interior and Ghazni’s Police HQ in this regard, but despite repeated calls, none of the security agencies responded.

Mohammad Nazir Ghorzang was a resident of Andar district in Ghazni province.

He has previously served as the police chief of Ghazni province.

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