The spokesman for the General Directorate of Public Protection, with 2 other individuals were killed in an explosion in Kabul City, capital police confirmed.

Zia Wadan, along with his bodyguard and driver, the incident happened at around 8 am this morning in PD8, Karte Naw area of Kabul.

Zia Wadan was killed in Shahrak Telaie Township of Kart-e-Naw when a magnetic IED targeted his vehicle.

Reports indicate, Wadan was previously threatened and was targeted.

No group have so far accepted the responsibility for the attack.

This comes as parliament members on Saturday condemned the government for weak safety measures and accused the government of shoddy security plans.

Strings of Explosions and back-to-back targeted killings frustrated the public in the country.

Afghan citizens are left scared, angry, and frustrated as the blasts continue rattling the city and taking the lives of people.

According to one parliament member, none of the residents in Kabul city feels safe.

As explosions and targeted killings spiked in recent months across the country, the Ministry of interior states, measures are taken to prevent such violent incidents.

Most of the assassinations of public figures, journalists, and government officials are blamed on the Taliban by the government.

Reports indicated rage of the violence in the country has displaced about 18000 people only in the past six months and about 45000 individuals in the previous year.

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