The Taliban will not agree to a comprehensive and permanent truce until there is a political settlement, the peace ambassador Khalilzad said speaking to U.S. public broadcaster, PBS on September 25.

“And that is not unprecedented in similar conflicts elsewhere, I think they can do a reduction of violence, they have said they will consider it depending on what the proposal is. The government is supportive of it too,” he continued.

Mr. Khalilzad meanwhile said despite the current rise in violence, it was still at lower levels than the same period last year.

“Compared to the first six months of last year to this year, despite a recent increase in violence, the number of casualties, both military and civilians, are down this year,” the U.S. peace envoy further said.

“Yes, the violence is high at this point, and both sides need to bring down the level of violence,” he added. “And we’re committed, when I return to work with both sides to get an agreement on reduction of violence.”

It comes as the Taliban have been recently ramping up their attacks, killing dozens of Afghan government forces across the country.


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