U.S. Government Provides 100 Ventilators to the Government of Afghanistan to Support COVID-19 Response [Photo: USAID/Afghanistan]

KABUL, Afghanistan – United States announced to deliver at least 100 ventilators to the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), according to sources, in a bid to help better facilitate coronavirus patients in the country.

Speaking at a ceremony in Kabul Thursday, the US embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson said the aim is part of President Donald Trump’s assistance to help combat coronavirus in the world.

“President Trump pledged to provide assistance in the forms of ventilators to countries across the world including in Afghanistan that need them to fight COVID-19,” said Wilson, as TOLOnews quoted. “Our donation of one hundred state-of-the-art ventilators provides much needed equipment to those on the frontlines, the health care heroes of Afghanistan helping the people of this country.”

Meanwhile, Acting Minister of Public Health Mohammad Jawad Osmani said the ventilators will be distributed to provinces most affected by the virus, adding USAID will assist the Ministry of Public Health with the installation of these medical equipment.

“Training and installation of these devices [Ventilators] in various health centers in Afghanistan, and the maintenance and care of these devices for at least six months after they are installed in health centers, will be carried out by USAID,” he said.

The cost of the ventilators is estimated $1.5 million.

Welcoming US assistance to the country, the Afghan government said, “I am confident that the honorable minister of public health will distribute these to the 34 provinces of the country in a just manner, the people of Afghanistan have strong concerns about the second wave of COVID-19, this assistance is quite important for the Afghan people,” said Shakir Kargar, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President.

Currently, Afghanistan has 1,020 ventilators available at health facilities throughout the country, according to Public Health statistics.

  • Mohammad Arif Sheva

    Muhammad Arif Sheva holds a B.A degree in Journalism from Int’l Peace Leadership College Rizal, Philippines. Sheva works as an editor and content writer for Afghan News.

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